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YES WE CAN! [05 Nov 2008|10:28am]
i woke up yesterday, super excited to be voting in person for the first time. it was such a short process but i honestly felt like i made a difference.

and last night? that was amazing. it was definitely history in the making.

i'm so mad i missed most of the process cuz of class, but i was able to make it home to watch the last half of PRESIDENT Obama's speech. it was moving and inspiring. i love how he emulated MLK's "I Have A Dream" speech.

and even though I didn't watch McCain's entire speech, from the clips that i saw, it was very dignified, gracious, and patriotic.

it was so moving to watch Obama's speech because i sat there, thinking about my future.

when i'm an old grandma, i can tell my kids and grandkids that I was there when 9/11 happened. I was there when we went through both the war in Iraq and the war in Afgahnistan. I was there when Wall Street almost went kaput again. and of course, I was there when America had its history-defining moment of electing its first African-American president. and all this happened only in the 15 years that i've been in the US! who knows what else we can achieve?!

i'm definitely excited for the future of America. I can't wait to see what the new president will do and where he will lead America.

even though, America has progress in such a significant way, CALIFORNIA has taken a step back.

CA has always been the state where gays around the country can look at and be filled with hope that they will have a better future in which they can live their lives the way they wanted to. but since Prop 8 has pretty much passed (slim chance that absentee ballots will make a difference, i feel like CA has taken a step back.

honestly, to me, even though the issue was definitely about homosexuality, the proposition was about equality. HOW can Californians support that fact that an amendment in our CONSTITUTION, where it states ALL are created EQUAL, is blatantly discriminating against a group?! that's just wrong!

but perhaps the times aren't right yet. i have hope that TRUE equality will happen in the future. let's hope that it will be in our lifetime.
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[26 May 2008|11:32pm]
vegas...was what i had expected ;)
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kanye west! [08 May 2008|12:40pm]
so the kanye west concert was amazing. it really was as good as the hype. it would've been better if we had better seats. but we were able to move up for most of the concert. we just got bumped right before kanye came on.

the start of the day...


and the restCollapse )
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[21 Apr 2008|12:58am]
kanye west was ridiculously amazing.

full update later.
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[11 Apr 2008|11:14am]
plans are SET. i'm FINALLY going to VEGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!!

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[03 Apr 2008|11:31am]
my final quarter at UCSD has started!! i've got the best schedule out of the four years that i've been here. i'm only taking 3 classes and they all seem intresting.

- Conservation and Human Predicament:
all about animals and the conservation efforts that are being used and being planned. we actually get to do a case study on a subtopic. i'm hoping to get marine conservation but it all depends on their schedules.

2 midterms, a final, and a case study. the midterms and the case study is worth 30% each. and if you did your math right, that means my FINAL is worth 10 PERCENT. hahaha

- Intro to Social Psychology
you know it going to be a good class when you walk into the lecture hall with bob marley playing, which then fades into trance. lol. very upbeat teacher and NOT boring. thank god. -_-

2 midterms and a final, but all worth the same and NOT cumulative. AND it's on the last day of lecture instead of during finals week.

- Human Sexuality
yuuuuuup. definitely the most interesting class. first of all, this class is soooo popular that there's no way you can get in unless you have senior standing. the waitlist is always 100+. second, the "textbook" isn't a textbook but a sex guide. yea...a SEX GUIDE called "The Guide to Gettin' It On!" it's like....860+ pages of texts AND pictures. definitely a conversation starter. the professor is funny and upbeat, totally comfortable with the subject

a midterm and final. 40%/60%. pretty standard

this all means that my finals week will be chiiiiiiiill like never before.

things to look forward to this quarter:
- FUSION 2008
- Kanye West Glow-In-The-Dark Tour
- APO Banquet
- SUNGOD: rumor has it that it's gonna be Sean Kingston*shrugs*
- APO Dance Comp

and probably a few more things =) all-in-all, it's shaping up to be a good quarter
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[24 Mar 2008|10:28pm]
i'm finally back in the bay! now, i've got a whole week to relax after a pretty fun two days in rosarito. i've the partying, spring break craziness out of my system. altho....we weren't as drunk as i thought we could've been. mostly cuz they didn't give us enough alcohol and they were cheap ass shit.

it's cool tho....cuz Flo Rida concert made up for it. seriously the most fun i've had while being sober at a dancey situation.

my sister switched internet providers back home about a month ago and now my mom can't find the new wireless network key. so now i'm stuck with using my mom's laptop...only at night. ARGH. i wanna use my OWN!!!

btw...while my mom was looking for the piece of paper with the password, she found old childhood documents of my sister and me. i looked through it and the most interesting finds were:

1. a birthday i wrote to my sister when i was 5. HILARIOUS...
2. my report cards from kidergaten
3. my report cards from 1st and (most of) 2nd grade...complete with pictures!! haha
4. the hospital bill from when i was born
5. MY SONOGRAM...!! lol wtf....

aaaaaaaand i finally realized that my parents weren't joking when they said they wanted a boy instead of me. -_- buuuuut i'm sure they're over it.
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[13 Mar 2008|10:41am]
i really do dislike finals.

but at least i have spring break to look forward to!! =)
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[02 Mar 2008|12:07pm]
i filed for my degree last week...

...and proceeded to have a panic attack for 5min, until i decided i don't want to think about it.

so instead, i thought about a spring break trip with my housemates. =)

i don't wanna grow up. =/
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[13 Aug 2007|05:58pm]

corvette diner: pretty fun place...but i dunno if i'd go back again. hahah

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
3 of them were going clubbing afterwards. guess which three? =)

more shiznitsCollapse )
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[31 Jul 2007|11:19pm]
hrm...i'm on a slight nostalgic kick so i'm looking at some old pictures. this is pbb due to the fact that i don't wanna study for my final.

now that i think about it. i'm actually kinda sad that my summer party didn't happen this year. i remember when we used to bust out the water balloons and have crazy water fights. then we stopped with the balloons and started with the digital cameras. hahaha...i miss those times. =)

perhaps enough people will be home for the holidays so that i can have my b-day/xmas/NYE party. either that or everyone's taking me to a club. hahaha...perhaps a night of mayhem ending with a sleepover? who cares that i'm turning 22...sleepovers will never be out! hahaha
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[24 Jul 2007|10:40pm]
wow. i went through a couple of my old entries, and i realize i used to type up ESSAYS up in this little box. plus a buttload of pictures too.

i wonder if i stopped cuz i just didn't think it was that important to write everything down or is it cuz i got lazy?

haha...pbb a little bit of both.

raaaaaaaaaaaaaaawr...i hate midterm. o beeeeeeeeach, how i miss u.

people should come down to SD to visit meeeeee!
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[10 Jul 2007|09:05pm]
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

i went to the SD County Fair on the 4th of July with the new housemates. i <3 them so much more. i now live with the girls in the picture, minus the one in the red.

notice how the shorties aren't even taller than the big-ass tired on that monster truck.

hopefully it's gonna be a good year. altho...it's starting off bad cuz we somehow have a flea infestation and i got bit like CRAZY...and those motherfuckers ITCH. i wanna keep my legs underwater at all times. =(
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[24 Jun 2007|08:38pm]
what was gonna be an ordinary sunday turned out to be pretty interesting.

so my mom got this coupon from her friend for this Korean spa place, PSY Health Town (http://www.psysauna.com) in San Leandro.

we decided to try the special body scrub and massage. the place was pretty clean...which is goooood. we started with a shower, the a deep soak in the jacuzzi, and finally a 5-min steam sauna before heading to our appt.

totally recommend it for a mother's day gift or something. i must say...can't be modest AT ALL. all-body MEANS all-body. the Korean ladies are in their underwear and the body scrub you while you're butt-naked. they scrub your back AND your front. hahaha...

after the 45-60min body scrub, which took off about 20 layers of dead skin, we showered again and spent another 3min in the steam room. then we headed back for an all-body massage that ended with a fresh cucumber face mask and a head massage. it was crazy relaxing...

then we went model-home-looking. it was fun...we looked at some in san jose and in milpitas. and also the ones in fremont! it's in the parking lot that used to be big 5 sporting goods, near IHS. it was coooool

aaaaaaaaand we ended the day with mogonlian hot pot in union city. *mMmMMmmMm* =D
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[15 Jun 2007|09:20pm]
here we are...another school year coming to an end.

i'm just really glad that summer is here and i get to take it easy for a while.

on the other hand...4th year...that's scary. =/

whatever...let the fun times roll! ^_^
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[26 May 2007|03:11pm]
fun times of this quarter...Collapse )
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[20 May 2007|10:21am]
SUNGOD results:

1. first time ever that i was drunk, hungover, AND sobered up... all in the same day. -_-

2. i was way too tired from the day to TRULY enjoy the concert.

3. altho T.I. was fucking awesome

4. learned not to start at 10am.

GOALS for next year:

1. stay on campus more.

2. drink a lil slower...

3. take mo' pictures!

all in all....<33333

pictures to come!
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SUNGOD 2007 [03 May 2007|08:42pm]

here's the complete line-up:

Nighttime Festival:
T.I. & THIRD EYE BLIND (co-headliners)
Ben Kweller
Fifty on Their Heels
High Tide (UCSD Battle of the Bands Winner)
+ 2 other openers

Self Against City
Meho Plaza

thank goodness...almost ANYTHING was gonna be better than MCR. *woot woot* to a hip hop act! <3
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[17 Mar 2007|11:39am]
i felt like SUCH a college student last night. soooooo cliche. i was studying at the library till around 10pm when i started to get hungry.

my friend was gonna get my chipotle, but the line was out of the freakin' door. so nvm then.

then i was thinking of where else on campus is still open. the only place near by was this side snack place.

and guess what i got?

....Cup o' Noodles....

why? because it was SEVENTY-SEVEN CENTS.

lol...then i brought it back to the library and slurpped away.

i'll be back next fridaaaaaaaaay!!
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[22 Feb 2007|10:20pm]
Alpha Epsilon's Sib Revealing was two weeks ago and i became a Grand-Big!! just a few pics from that night. i went broom-balling for the first time that night. sooo fun...but it's crazy tiring. haha

APO <3Collapse )
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